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Why Easy Finance Academy

We dream of a Canada where every new Canadian has the skills to effectively manage personal finances.

We are committed to:
  • Help you manage money and debt wisely
  • Enable you plan and save for the future
  • Assist you in preventing fraud and financial abuse
Our Financial Literacy Resources:

We offer helpful publications, blogs, tips and guides to strengthen your financial capabilities & enable you to make smart financial decisions.

Our services

Creating and managing
a budget

Make responsible life and financial decision by creating and managing budget properly. We offer financial tools, tips, and resources for easy and effective money management.

Investing in the stock

Multiply your profits and grow exponentially by investing right. Take guidance from expert financial coaches and make wiser decisions.

Investment Solutions

Put your money to good use. We offer complete investment solution knowledge in a bid to further your efforts and increase your confidence.

Financial Services

Know what’s best and what’s not. Our elaborate guides will tell you what you need to know before buying a banking product. We help you make sure that you sign up for the most lifestyle appropriate plan and services.

Credit Bureau &
Credit Score

Know how your spending and financial habits affect your credit score and get tips on building the perfect credit score.

Managing Bad Debt

Indulge in effective debt management for a better future. Our guides on proper credit management and ways to avoid litigation will help you get out of bad debts.

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at the right time.


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helping Consumers navigating the
Canadian financial landscape.

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