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I liked my aha moment; it was fun, interacting, relax. My retention for these courses were high because the environment  was right.


I really didn't know much about options. So, I am really glad that I took the course. I already made 20%  gain in the first month.


I know now how to access a company, what I need to look for. I am very happy I took the class. 


I have a positive feedback with everything I learned. I enjoyed the technical part and I would recommend it in my network.


Now, before I purchase something, I know what is the maximum I am willing to lose. I am much more comfortable


I learned a lot of things including mindset, patience ... I made $ 10,000 just in a week with an investment of $ 1,600


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Happi Léopold


Happi has been a financial market professional for more than a decade. He has in-depth knowledge of financial products and services.

He worked for a large local bank as a financial advisor, investment consultant, securities trader for the wealthy, options specialist, Thinkorswim business partner and personal banking specialist.

He holds the certificate in Advanced Investment Advice from CSI, as well as several other certifications in the financial industry.

Happi is passionate about teaching, sharing his own experience and promoting new and new Canadians.

Happi believes that the stock markets remain mystified in order to keep the middle class out of financial freedom and entrepreneurship.

This seasoned trader took advantage of the volatility of the stock markets following the health crisis to achieve a gain of more than 720% in two months and he firmly believes that: 

education + capital + discipline + patience = Success

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