STOCK 1, 2, 3 and OPTIONS 1

The 4-course Smart Investor System
that helps you invest with confidence, protect your investments, and build a diversified portfolio to drive greater wealth.

Start Investing

Discover how to read stock quotes, open your first investment account, and make your first successful trade.

Drive Wealth

Discover how to select great stocks, and build and manage a diverse investment portfolio, so you can drive greater wealth.

Reduce Risk

Discover how to use options – and make your first trade – to reduce risk, boost gains, and take advantage of stock movements.

Here's what smart investors do...

When it comes to investing, smart investors consider all the angles…

…they take time to understand how the stock market works… 

…they dive into the inner workings of stocks, so they know a great buy when they see it…

…they assemble a portfolio of diversified investments, so their money works for them…

…and they learn how to reduce risk to protect their investments… and boost their earnings!

Well, that’s exactly what the Smart Investor System will help you do.

This fully-guided journey consists of 4 seamless courses that work together to build your skills and confidence as a smart and successful investor.

You will get everything you need to become a successful stock investor, so you can make more money without working longer hours or getting another job.

PLUS… you’ll save big by reserving your space now in this special 4-course system!

Here's what's included

In STOCK 1, you’ll learn how the stock market works, then practice and prepare yourself to pick your first stock and make your first trade.

Here are the 7 steps you will take to achieve that:

Step 1 – Demystify the Stock Market

Step 2 – Read Stock Quotes

Step 3 – Research the Right Broker

Step 4 – Test The Market with Practice Accounts 

Step 5 – Open Your First Investment Account

Step 6 – Place Your First Trade

Step 7 – Celebrate Your Wins

In STOCK 2,  you’ll develop the skills and mindset of an expert investment analyst. And instead of worrying about what stocks to buy, you’ll confidently pick the right ones for you.

Here are the 7 steps you will take to achieve that:

Step 1 – Understand Margin and Short Selling

Step 2 – Determine What Stocks to Buy

Step 3 – Pinpoint When to Buy

Step 4 – Calculate How Much to Buy

Step 5 – Decide When to Sell

Step 6 – Safeguard Your Stocks

Step 7 – Celebrate Your Wins

In STOCK 3, you’ll assemble the right investment assets into a cohesive, profitable portfolio that helps you grow, live, and contribute just the way you want to.

Here are the 7 steps you will take to achieve that:

Step 1 – Assess Trends & World Influences

Step 2 – Explore Other Asset Classes

Step 3 – Build a Diverse Portfolio

Step 4 – Calculate Your Rate of Return

Step 5 – Evaluate Portfolio Performance

Step 6 – Rebalance to Reach Your Goals

Step 7 – Celebrate Your Wins

In OPTIONS 1, you’ll discover how options work:  their language, how to read options quotes and charts, and the strategies to get started. You also get tons of practice implementing what you learn so you make your first trade – and start earning money! – with confidence. 

Here are the 7 steps you will take to achieve that:

Step 1 – Discover How Options Work

Step 2 – Meet ‘the Greeks’ to Predict Outcomes

Step 3 – Learn to Analyze Options Pre and Post Trade

Step 4 – Examine 5 Strategies to Reduce Risk and Make More Money

Step 5 – Find Out How to Place Orders

Step 6 – Make Your First Trade

Step 7 – Celebrate Your Wins


I celebrated my first “chillies”, even though I didn’t know exactly what I was doing I still made “chillies” just because I did exactly what you said in the courses


Clément Fogue

What's in store

For steady returns and peaceful nights…
look no further

Working with me in a small group setting of 10 to 20 other high achievers, you’ll train, practice, and implement your way through STOCK 1, 2, and 3, and OPTIONS 1 in a customized, easy-to-understand system.

As your mentor, I’ll walk you through every concept and exercise, answer all your questions, track your progress, and hold you accountable. That way, you can really own what you’re learning, and feel confident and excited by how much you’re growing as a new investor.

  • The success mindsets of top investors… revealed! And how you can adopt their steady, calm focus and resolve...


  • Stock Market 101: the rules, regulations, and practices that keep you safe... and boost your potential for success...


  • How to root out and expel disempowering cultural money mindsets. It’s time to feel confident and start building lasting wealth for you and your family...


  • Why setting realistic earnings expectations is the key to sleeping at night (and how to avoid the “assumption trap” that causes most new investors’ portfolios to tumble)..


  • The 3 pathways to invest your money in the stock market. (Only one is fee-free and protects your profits!)...


  • What’s a trading account, and which ones help you defer or avoid paying taxes on your gains
  • Build your confidence, skill, and experience with a paper account, and keep your cash safe while you’re learning how to invest…
  • The Secret language of stock quotes: How to read them and make informed, value-based decisions...


  • From private to public: How and why companies want to get on the stock market… and why you should care…


  • What’s a discount broker, why you need one, and how to choose the best broker for your needs and goals...
  • Time to make your first trade! I’ll walk you through a simple, proven strategy so you stay relaxed and confident… and on your way to a profitable investment!
  • Is that company you like making money – or running out? Are they fulfilling their obligations – or not? Determine if your stock pick is a winner or flop by learning how to read company financial statements and ratios.

  • Find out if your pick can take the heat of competition… or if better-positioned companies are stealing their market share.

  • Hone your insights and intuition about any company’s future by first analyzing their past price performance. Shrewd analysis of stock charts is your passport to understanding, and you’ll discover how it’s done.

  • Stop leaving money on the table! Learn how to examine stock price trends and time your purchases, so you can save money when you buy. (You’d be surprised how fast these ‘discounts’ add up!)

  • Better predict your stock picks’ outlook by learning how to assess essential industry, market, and economic forces.

  • Stock prices falling? No problem. Discover how to make good money on the market with Short Selling.

  • For a good night’s sleep, position sizing can’t be beat! Learn to budget how much of each stock to buy and sell according to your personal risk tolerance.

  • Unlock favorable buy and sell opportunities using analyst estimates of public companies’ quarterly earnings. Get the key so you can decipher which analysts miss the mark and which are on the money.
  • Read the ‘tea leaves’ of market and investor sentiment using technical analysis of stock charts and leading indicators to identify up, down, and sideways market trends, and entry and exit signals. Discover how it works and which sources to rely on to avoid mistakes and uncover opportunities.
  • Enjoy gains in any market cycle – and build your wealth momentum – with insiders’ strategies for healthy asset diversification.

  • Protect your assets and enhance your returns by understanding how to make swift, informed decisions at critical moments.

  • What’s working? What needs tweaking? Stay on course to your financial goals – and recognize when to take action – by learning how to evaluate your portfolio’s near and long-term prospects.

  • Boost your confidence, skill, and awareness – and avoid losses – with  tools and strategies that help you calculate asset and portfolio performance.

  • Reduce risk, sleep at night, and make steady headway to your financial goals with personalized asset balancing.

  • Cultivate the expertise and mindset of a relaxed, knowledgeable, wealthy investor by investing in your own diversified portfolio.
  • Amplify your stock gains, hedge your positions, and even speculate on market movements by discovering the insiders’ secrets to options trading.

  • Calls, puts, Delta, Theta, derivatives – options have a language of their own! Learn to speak like a native so you understand the terms and feel confident using them.

  • Not all stocks are suited for options! To maximize your options’ performance and bypass disappointment, get the key to winning  stock selection. 

  • Should you purchase or sell options? There are advantages to both! Discover the fundamentals and nuances, so you know the most opportune time to apply each strategy.

  • Stay organized and in control of your option trades by learning to inspect option contract obligations, expiries, and fine print.

  • Set yourself up for success by understanding how to predict option outcomes (and compatibility with your goals!) and how to evaluate option performance so you can time your optimum exit.

  • Get comfortable with option strategies and learn to ask the right questions by practicing what you learn using simulated trades.
  • Get the support, feedback, and “double checking” you desire, so you feel confident – and very excited! – making your first trade.

Here’s how it works

There are four key elements to your success in the Smart Investor System:

1. Training

The 4 courses in the Smart Investor System take place in succession. For each course, you will receive 18-hours of premium training. The training will take place over a 2- or 3-week period (your choice).  During each course you will:

  • Explore fundamentals, insights, and advanced topics as you progress
  • Practice using the tools of experts stock market investors and options traders
  • Hone your skills with practice exercises and quizzes


2. Coaching & Support

To help you implement everything you learn with confidence, for each course you will receive:

3 Months of weekly coaching with our Community Champions to ask all your questions, get clarification, and get their eyes on your plans and strategies.

  • All recordings and trainings
  • Weekly group Q&A calls with Happi
  • Office hours and email access to Happi
  • Private Slack channels for students

3. Community

To help you grow as a skilled, successful investor, you will:

  • Be immersed in a kind, generous community of like minded students
  • Get tips, request support, and celebrate wins together
  • Be able to return the favor as your expertise grows

4. Personal Effort

To achieve financial freedom and create a legacy of wealth for yourself and your family:

  • Schedule time to review, practice, and implement what you learn each week – as well as after the formal training sessions end
  • Ask questions as soon as you have them!
  • Welcome new, empowering ideas about money and wealth creation (and let go of beliefs that hold you back)
  • Engage with other students, the Community Champion team, and Happi
  • Celebrate all wins – big and small – to draw  more of what you celebrate into your life.


To help you unlock any hidden money mindsets hijacking your financial freedom, you also receive an exclusive bonus training…

Success Mindsets For Investors.

In this live training with Happi, you’re going to take a close look at the full spectrum of beliefs that might be holding you back… beliefs you might not even be aware of!

And then you’ll discover how to put them aside, so you can focus on reaching your full wealth potential inside the program.

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right-quote-sign W

So far my progress has been better than I expected. I made $5000 a few weeks after I started



Is this for you?

Is the Smart Investor System right for you?

If you’re open-minded, curious, and determined to start creating real financial freedom and wealth for you and your family…

You’re in the right place!

What’s more, you can expect to succeed in this course if you’re:

  • Committed to attending the trainings and coaching sessions, doing the exercises, and practicing what you learn.
  • Game to follow an exact, proven system and speak up when you have questions.
  • Excited to be in a safe community of likeminded people who believe in the power of wealth to change lives for the better and to do good in the world.
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How I earned +$300,000 in 2020 on the stock market after quitting my job


Happi Leolpold

“The most important investment you can make is investing in yourself. The more you learn, the more you earn.”

Warren Buffett

With the Smart Investor System, you have an opportunity to create true financial freedom by learning how to invest and protect your money.

You have an opportunity to be fully trained, guided, and mentored, so you know exactly what to do each step of the way in this repeatable, reliable system.

Plus, you can feel confident knowing you’re in good hands.

Every single student of mine that showed up and did the work made back their investment, or much more… even 5 figures in their first year!

So if you want to make more money without working longer hours or getting another job…

If you want to start creating true financial freedom and having more fun with your family… The Smart Investor System was made for you.

*A Special Note About Payment Plans
We are happy to accommodate the payment plan that works best for you. Kindly note that you will be immediately enrolled into the first course opening after your payment plan is complete.

We know that investing in your financial success is a big step.

And we’re invested in your success too — in fact, we measure our success in terms of how successful our students are. That’s why we want to make joining the Smart Investor System as low-risk and easy for you as possible.

So here’s our guarantee…

If after the first class, you’re not satisfied for any reason, we will refund your money. No questions asked.

Which means you have nothing to lose – and financial freedom to gain – by joining!

Get the FAQs

“Does this really work?”

Yes! In fact, we’ve trained well over 400 students so far in Easy Finance Academy. And every student that showed up, did the work, and opened an account earned back their investment and more. In some cases, 5-figures in their first year.

“I’m new to the stock market, will this be over my head?”

Not at all. STOCK 1 is Step 1 on the Easy Finance Academy Investment Journey, and it’s designed for new investors: People who’ve never invested in the stock market before. They want a complete grounding, so they feel comfortable and confident with each progressive step on their investment journey.

That being said, this course is ALSO perfect for those with some investment experience or knowledge, but have yet to reliably succeed in their investment goals. STOCK 1 fills in the gaps so you can finally start making the wins you dream of.

“I’m nervous about investing money… does it have to be a lot?”

No. While it’s recommended you begin with a modest sum of capital (whatever lets you sleep at night), it’s not required. If you feel more comfortable, we can help you create a “paper account” so you can complete all the exercises and practice your new skills without any worry about investing cash while you’re still learning.

“I’m worried about making a mistake and investing in the wrong stock…”

Totally understandable. But once you’re equipped with the skills and knowledge you learn inside STOCK 1, you’ll quickly realize... it’s much easier to pick solid investments than you thought! 

In STOCK 2, you’ll build on your STOCK 1 skills so you can confidently pick great stocks using your own judgment. Then in STOCK 3, you’ll put everything you learned in STOCK 1 and 2 to use as you start building a diversified portfolio that drives wealth. 

And of course, I’ll be guiding you every step of the way to help you make your own smart decisions.

“I’m new to options trading, will this be over my head?”

Not at all. OPTIONS 1 builds on the knowledge and skills you learn in STOCK 1 and 2. It’s the perfect next step to reduce your investment risk and enhance your earnings.

What are the 5 strategies I’ll learn in OPTIONS 1?

The following 5 strategies are perfect for new traders, and they’ll help you reduce risk on your stock market investments and boost your earnings. And they are: Long Call, Married Put, Collar Covered Call, and Uncovered Call Writing.

“How long will it be before I start making money?”

You’ll be making your first trade by the end of STOCK 1. Plus, you’ll receive 6 months of coaching for EACH COURSE to guide you through the process. You can expect to be making money within this timeframe with sufficient capital... and depending on your investment choices and tolerance for risk. That being said, some students have made excellent returns within a matter of weeks!

“Do you give me a list of stocks to buy? Do you invest my money for me?”

You’ve heard the old expression: “Give someone a fish, and you feed them for a day. Teach someone to fish, and you feed them for a lifetime.” The same principle applies here. We don’t pick your stocks and we don’t invest your money for you. Instead we show you how to do it, so you can acquire -- and implement -- these life-changing skills for yourself.

“What happens when the training ends, how do I get my questions answered?”

We’ve got you covered! You get six months of coaching with me once the training is complete. During that time, you’ll have the opportunity to practice and ask questions about what you’ve learned. Plus, you’ll have access to our private Facebook, Slack, and WhatsApp communities, where you’ll be able to ask questions and network with other students.

“Will I have risks by investing in the stock market?”

Warren Buffet also once said "Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing." We will teach you the strategies that lead to success, so you only invest in what you understand, and only the amount of money that lets you sleep at night.

To learn more, please click here.

“What is your refund policy?”

We value you as our student and we do not expect you to leave. But if for any reason you are unhappy and wish to withdraw from a course, please contact us right away and let us know if there’s anything we can do to keep you as our happy student.

In the event you do withdraw, we will reimburse your full tuition as long as you request a refund in writing after the first class, sent to  

Please, note that no refund request will be accepted once the second class begins.

Working with Happi, you get the outcome you desire

Happi Leopold is the founder of Easy Finance Academy and a financial educator for minority investors.

What he shares in STOCK 1 is the result of his 14 years of successful experience in the financial sector. As a certified financial advisor, investment counselor, and options trader, Happi helped high-net-worth clients grow their 7-, 8- and 9-figure investment portfolios.

Happi empowers his students with the best information, strategies, and proven knowledge to help them earn good money – keep it! – and achieve the financial freedom they crave.

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I lacked the personal knowledge to take my business to another level. Finally, I discovered in the stock market a universe to which I wish to devote myself


Philippe Boulay

Why wait any longer? Financial freedom is calling.

If being trained, mentored, and empowered by a successful investment expert sounds like a great way to embark on your investment journey…

Let’s get to work!

Your dream of financial freedom starts here, and now’s the perfect time to start.